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For the last five years, Bad Taste Records signee ELWD has stuck to a release schedule you could set your watch to, consistently putting out at least one album a year — for all its chaos, 2020 is thankfully no different. Tomorrow, ELWD will release his eighth full-length album, Dandelion, but ahead of that he's teasing us with one last track to get us all in the mood.

"Chu", which arrives with a particularly mesmerising visualiser at the top, shimmers and flutters with a soothing autumnal energy. Like the rest of the album, "Chu" is understated but packed with detail and subtlety, but also an indefinable warmth offset by cooler synth washes for an almost bittersweet effect.

ELWD's new album Dandelion is out this Friday, November 6, digitally and on limited edition cassette. Pre-order it here.