Megan had a few things to get off her chest on “Shots Fired,” but she doesn’t dwell on the shooting for too long. The album is called Good News, after all. The tracklist is peppered with uptempo twerk anthems like the vibrant “Body” and the City Girls-assisted single “Do It on the Tip.” Even on tracks like “Freaky Girls” and “Sugar Baby,” which slow things down just a little, you can tell that Megan is having fun. She’s in a confident, celebratory mood. This definitely isn’t a project you want to play while lounging around in the house. Good News is clearly an album that needs to be heard outside. She supplies a lot of quality twerk music, but Megan also doesn’t forget to throw in some records that remind fans of her vicious skills as a rapper. On tracks like “Shots Fired,” “What’s New,” and “Girls in the Hood,” she unleashes an aggressive and relentless flow, which is reminiscent of her recent Megan Monday series and the freestyles that put her on the map in the early stages of her career. One thing is clear: “Freestyle Meg” is nothing to play with. —Jessica McKinney