With her new EP Bet, Sydney singer Jessica Jade gives us the sweet vocals and melodies we came for, but also offers the most mature output of her career.

Bet sees Jessica link up with Sydney producer Sergio Selim. Now known simply as Sergiio, the talented beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist has been making a name for himself with his own releases through 2020, and credits on international releases such as Ty Dolla Sign's "Powder Blue".

Together, Sergiio and Jessica have forged a solid chemistry, with Sergiio laying a diverse platform for Jessica to deliver personal, self-written, lyrics that run from candid vulnerability ("You") to empowerment anthems ("Taste"). Speaking on the inspiration behind the music, Jessica revealed Bet was a blank canvas.

"I've been putting out singles and been in the industry since I was 14 years old," Jessica told Complex AU. "This project is my fresh start and every song on the EP represents a new light of who I am and who I am growing to be. Rather than knowing exactly what I wanted to represent when I created each song, I've gone through a huge learning experience with the entire project, every step of the way has taught me something new about myself and my art." 

"I feel like I've been really lost over the past few years but finally working on something solid has taught me to take time with my art and trust the process as well as trust myself. I've learned that music is my way of reassuring myself that I am on the right path and where I am meant to be."

We as fans always knew Jessica Jade had potential to deliver something great. With her new-found focus, the maturity that has come with her years of experience and the more personal nature of her lyrics, Bet is the release we've been waiting for. We're psyched to see what comes next.

Catch Bet above now, and stream it on all platforms from December 3.

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