The myth of Jay Electronica's Act II: The Patents of Nobility came to life when he uploaded the album's loose skeleton on TIDAL. Although it was quickly removed from the streaming service, Jay Elect says that the album will appear in full form on his Discord channel once he gets the proper blessings. 

Electronica revealed through his Discord channel that Act II: The Patents of Nobility contains vintage, unreleased verses from Kanye West.

"i’ll just post Act 2 on here for y’all if enough folks want it," Jay told his fans. "w the Kanye verses and all."

Although Kanye boldly proclaims that he's still Roc-A-Fella on 2 Chainz's new album, So Help Me God, a lot has happened since Kanye laid these verses for Act II. Kanye and Jay-Z's relationship has fractured due to a host of causes. 'Ye is also on a quest to reclaim his masters. As a result, putting out free verses for a rapper who has shown a clear alliance with Hov might be counterproductive to Yeezy's goal. Jay Electronica seems to recognize this. Even though he confirmed that Kanye is on Act II, he cautioned fans that he would need some approval before dropping the album in its entirety. 

"i would have to get his permission first though," Electronica told an excited fan who was asking about the Kanye verses. 

Jay's previously album, A Written Testimony, is still available on streaming services. It was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 63rd Grammys.