Denzel Curry won't be working with Travis Scott anytime soon. During a Twitter Q&A Curry hosted, fans naturally turned toward possible collaborations with the Carol City native. Though he was open to several potential features, he bristled at the idea of getting on a track with Scott. 

One fan asked if Curry would appear alongside the Utopia rapper and Curry passed, noting that Scott's attitude was "funky."

  Elsewhere, Curry shared how he ended up with an Astroworld beat by mistake.

Curry revealed that an ASAP Rocky collaboration fell through because because of the company the Zuu rapper keeps.

 It wasn't all negativity, however. Curry told his fans what his favorite tracks were and talked about artists he'd leap to work with. 

Curry noted that he doesn't particularly enjoy working with other rappers and makes mental calculations to figure out whether taking on a collaborative project is worth it.