YG has never shied away from making a political stance, and the rapper is continuing his crusade against Donald Trump with the video for his latest album-opener "Jealous."

Instead of making himself the star, YG decided to take aim at Trump by parodying the president throughout the visual. The faux Trump rattles off YG's lyrics while performing some un-presidential activities in the Oval Ofice. YG also makes it clear that this isn't an attempt to humanize or make the president seem cool by highlighting some of his questionable antics, like the fact he doesn't pay his fair share of taxes. 

This isn't the first time YG has pitted himself against Donald Trump. In 2016, he paired up with the late great Nipsey Hussle to create the single "Fuck Donald Trump (FDT)." It's since become a rallying cry for Trump's political opponents and has regained traction now that the election is rushing closer. 

YG's objection to Trump has been consistent. "FDT" was featured on his sophomore effort Still Brazy. Now, two albums later, My Life 4hunnid is continuing the social rhetoric. Along with the "Jealous" video, YG embodied the N.W.A spirit by making his own version of "Fuck the Police" for the record as well. 

Watch YG's "Jealous" video above.