Rick Ross just dropped a cool $1 million on an 87-acre plot of land in Fayetteville, Georgia that sits about 20 miles out from Atlanta, TMZ reports.

Ross took to Instagram on Wednesday to share the news of his purchase, celebrating the new addition to his "Promise Land." The large new chunk of land is adjacent to Ross' massive, 45,000-square-foot mansion that has 109 rooms, an indoor and outdoor pool, a movie theater, and a bowling alley.

According to TMZ, Ross purchased the land as a property investment, as it comes with two houses on the property that can be renovated for living or used as rentals.

Meanwhile, Ross continues to troll Tory Lanez, this time by buying a mini car to help him get around his land, and saying in an Instagram video that it's actually for Tory instead. 

"We gotta speed it up a little ’cause little man need the car and he say he need to get around,” Ross says in the video above. “And I f*ck with little man. I like little man.”