This year was supposed to see the release of his debut album, but after a brush with COVID-19 landed him in hospital, South London musician RaysMuzik had to adjust his plans. Now back on his feet and understandably feeling celebratory, his new single "Young" is the first step towards getting back on track. 

Produced by Burna Boy collaborator and Grammy nominee Mr. Kleb, "Young" uses bubbling melodies, snapping percussion and plenty of swing to amplify his renewed appreciation of life. 2020 may not be panning out the way he (or anyone) had hoped, but there's still plenty to be grateful for, and the video, directed by Charlie Rees and Edd Roberts of Fuego Films, boils that sentiment down to its essence. Presumably filmed in sunnier times, we see a happy RaysMuzik, his team and the girl of his dreams cutting loose in a park and vowing to live life like a holiday.

"This track first began to take shape in a home recording session last year," says RaysMuzik. "I recorded a first draft in London and then fleshed out the song and completed it whilst I was on holiday in France a few weeks later, so that's perhaps why it has that joyful feel and vibe to it. More importantly though, having just been discharged from hospital after suffering from COVID-19, to the point of being rushed to A&E, I feel like 'Young' is the perfect song to celebrate the fact that I'm alive and healthy. It really captures my new zeal for life. I wanted a joyful, light-hearted video where we could be ourselves, but as much as I wanted to have fun, I also didn't want to neglect the important message of us being Black and proud."

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