Logic has publicly called on Def Jam to pay up.

On Friday night, the newly retired rapper tweeted at the record label, demanding it compensate Lil Keke for lending his vocals to No PressureLogic's sixth and final studio album.

"Yo @defjam can you please pay Lil Keke his fucking money ..." the Maryland native tweeted. "That’s my bro, don’t be fuckin up my relationships man! He been professional and patient! Pay the man god damn!!!!"

Logic was specifically referring to Keke's contribution to "man i is," a 6ix-produced track that samples Pimp C's 2006 record "Knockin Doorz Down" featuring Keke and P.O.P.

Logic also tweeted earlier this week to express his frustration over delayed merch deliveries. A fan responded to the tweet by asking Visionary Music Group—an indie label and management company—for assistance. VMG replied shortly after, insisting the Def Jam and Universal teams would have the answers.

On Saturday, Logic posted on Instagram naming more of his friends who haven't gotten paid by the label yet: 6ix, Kevin Randolph, DJ Rhetorik, and more.

Logic's recent tweets toward Def Jam come just weeks after he claimed the label was refusing to pay Lil Wayne for his "Perfect" remix verse. The rapper made the allegation in response to Kanye West's tweet about unfair record contracts.