Chicago-based songwriter and producer Knox Fortune, who has collaborated with fellow Chicago artist Chance the Rapper, has unleashed his second studio album.

Effortlessly blending the sounds of pop, rock, and hip-hop, Fortune's new record Stock Child Wonder sees him expand upon his stadium-ready sound. "Thank you to everyone listening and sharing the project it means the world to me," Knox Fortune tweeted upon releasing the record. "Also huge thank you to all the contributors who helped make it a reality. I hope you love it like I love it."

The project features contributions from some of his hometown favorites, including Lala Lala, Will Miller of Whitney & Resavoir, Lane Beckstrom, and Colin Croom and Jack Dolan of the band Twin Peaks. Other artists featured on the project include Macie Stewart of Ohmme, Elliot Skinner, Nate Fox, Pomo, and producers Carter Lange and Pete 'Scum' Nebula.

To coincide with the release of the album, Knox Fortune also shared some merch which can be seen below.

Listen to Stock Child Wonder above.