This weekend, September 13, Cornwall-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Karum 'Webmoms' Cooper will release his new EP Ruchikar, his first project as a solo artist following an extensive career as a musician in bands like alt-rock outfit Hypophora and drummer for prog rock band The Oracle. Now setting out on his own, last week he shared the EP's first single "Summer Salad" and today returns with the second, "Pasta Bake", a team-up with Bristol-based singer Maddy. Like the rest of the expansive new EP, "Pasta Bake" is a smouldering, sultry offering that weaves together threads of jazz, neo-soul, R&B and hip-hop, and imbued with an indefinable West Country charm.

Explaining how the EP came together, Cooper told us, "Ruchikar is a collection of noodles and doodles I made over the COVID-19 lockdown period earlier this year, musically inspired by the peace and lack of footfall we saw down here in Cornwall. I got in touch with a few friends like Taurri, with whom I'd just set up a Bristol-based music collective (which is how I came to know Maddy), and Andrés and Novels who are two good friends I know from my years performing with my band Hypophora. It's a body of work I never considered being released as an EP, but in hindsight made absolute sense. There's a lot more where that came from."