Hailing from Deventer in the Netherlands, producer Bastian Benjamin has been creating music almost his entire life. His father's home studio was a focal point in his childhood and by the age of eight he'd already produced his first piece of music. By 18 he'd released his debut single and now, just two years later, his productions carry the maturity of a seasoned veteran.

After recently announcing that his debut album, Two Truths, would be on its way, he's just revealed new single "Concrete", a largely instrumental offering that warns against rigid thought and close-mindedness. Speaking with Complex about the meaning behind the track, he explained, "The consequences of drawing conclusions too quickly are underestimated. If you only accept your own world, you'll end up in strange places that you can never escape from. Only good thing is that you won't be alone there."

"Concrete" officially arrives September 25, followed by Two Truths on December 4.