Chance the Rapper is getting mixed reactions for his political advice.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Chicago rapper took to Twitter to suggest to his followers how they should approach the 2020 presidential election. "Ask your mom who to vote for," he tweeted. "Vote for who she say." Chance followed up his initial tweet by saying he doesn't "care what somebody quoted over my shit," as responses started to pour in.

Though some considered the tweet lighthearted and playful, others disagreed with Chance's advice and felt it would be more appropriate if he encouraged his fans to research the candidates' purposed policies and track records instead of voting for whoever their moms were. In another tweet, Chance doubled down, writing: "Y'all worried 'bout everybody else mama. I said yo mama."

Some fans argued that their parents didn't share the same political ideologies as them, as some moms were supporting Donald Trump, others were supporting Joe Biden, and a number expressed their intentions to cast a vote for a write-in candidate or completely abstain from this year's election. 

Chance also directly responded to some fans who engaged with the tweets. 

You can check out some more reactions below.

Back in July, some took issue with Chance suggesting he would vote for his friend and frequent collaborator Kanye West, who is running as the "Birthday Party" candidate.