Though we would surely all be better off if we gave Candace Owens and similar so-called conservative voices exactly zero attention, it's not hard to see why Cardi B felt it was imperative to respond to her recent barrage of attempted (and failed) disparagement.

Late Sunday, Cardi responded to a tweet from Owens in which she offered up some nonsensical criticism of Cardi's widely celebrated and objectively successful music. In that response, Cardi also shared footage she says shows her sister and her girlfriend being harassed by Trump supporters at the beach:

From there, Cardi pushed back against those who attempted to rationalize the beach behavior before responding to another Owens tweet. As Cardi explained, Owens fails to see how she's been "used" in the Trumpism era. "I honestly just feel sorry for you," she said, adding that she's proud to use her platform of millions to encourage voting.

Owens, Cardi added, is instead "encouraging millions to vote for a man who [laughs] every time a black [man] gets killed by a cop." Cardi also highlighted Trump's fatal failure of a pandemic response, as well as pushed back against Owens' predictable efforts at demonizing universal healthcare.

Over on Instagram, Cardi shared a pair of videos addressing Owens and the behavior of Trump supporters at large. Cardi revealed that she recently had to hire a private investigator after a Trump supporter shared her address and encouraged people to set fire to her house. And according to Cardi, Owens herself has been trying to "sit down with me" for about a year, even once offering her $250,000.

"Anybody that justifies the death of George Floyd, I don't wanna talk to, I don't fuck with," she said.

As for supporting Biden, Cardi noted that he wasn’t her initial choice but that she ultimately decided to endorse whoever could get Trump out of office.

'Trump has showed his ass to us so many times," she said. "You know how many times he has the opportunity to show us that he's a human? Because, me? I don't even think that Trump is a human. I think he's an evil person. He reminds me of Plankton from fucking SpongeBob, bitch."

And on the topic of rightfully using her platform to encourage voting against Trump, Cardi said:

"So just like I can make people pop their pussy and have a good time and make them feel like a bad bitch, I can also encourage millions of followers to go vote."

See the full videos below:

"WAP" is out now.