Bryson Tiller is back with a new song and video.

After teasing that he had a large stash of unreleased music on social media, Tiller decided to drop off "Inhale" to hold fans over until his new album arrives.


— tiller (@brysontiller) September 2, 2020

Watch the Ro.lexx-directed music video for "Inhale" up top via YouTube and stream the song, which was produced by Dpat, below via Spotify.

The beat on Bryson Tiller - Inhale was teased 3 years ago by Dpat, Atu and Brent Faiyaz on this episode of Soulection Radio. It starts at 00:08:10

— boyega (@bxyega) September 3, 2020

Towards the end of the music video for "Inhale," text appears on the screen notifying fans that his new album will arrive this fall. Prior to dropping off the new track, Tiller shared a poll with fans on Twitter asking when he should drop his album. Tiller dropped True to Self, his second studio album, back in May of 2017.

lool ok all jokes aside, when should i release a New Album?

— tiller (@brysontiller) September 2, 2020

In other news, Tiller recently revealed that he went back to school and received his high school diploma. "Class of 2020," Tiller wrote on Twitter at the time. "I never thought about going back to school until i started thinking about my goals and how to reach them. getting my High School diploma was step 1 ✔️College is 100% next. thank you IHS & @JCPSKY."

— tiller (@brysontiller) June 25, 2020