Rising Houston rapper Ashton Travis has just unleashed his sleek new project Phoenix Mode.

Combining the sounds of hard-hitting trap with a more pop-friendly sheen, Phoenix Mode sees Travis carefully toeing the line between R&B and rap with ease. Upon releasind the project, he thanked everyone who helped contribute to its release, encouraging fans to "catch a vibe."

Released via Def Jam Recordings, Phoenix Mode is a promising step toward building his fanbase even further.

"I’ve overthought a lot of things and I’ve held myself back from different opportunities because I’ve been living in my mind, worried, focusing on what could be,” Ashton said upon releasing the project. “With the music I have now, it just feels like a collection of songs that scream I’m here, I’m alive, I’m happy to be alive, and I’ma talk about shit that moves my spirit, hoping that it moves the next person’s spirit that listens to it because we ain’t got all day. We could be dead tomorrow."

Listen to Phoenix Mode above.