Travis Scott Confirms Kid Cudi Collab Album and Teases 'Tenet' Track in New Interview

Travis Scott's 'Tenet' contribution is praised by director Christopher Nolan in the interview, who calls his voice "the final piece of a yearlong puzzle."


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A new track from Travis Scott that was composed for Tenet, the coronavirus-delayed mind-bender from Christopher Nolan, has been described by the director as an integral part of how the blockbuster came together.

Scott is featured in a GQinterview from Gerrick D. Kennedy taken from the publication's Change Is Good-themed new issue. In it, Scott shares his thoughts on a number of pertinent 2020 issues, as well as shows off a prototype of something new he's working on that's described here only as "redacted."


On the topic of Tenet, which Scott has seen and dubbed "fire," the piece features some brief words from Nolan on just how important Scott's contributions were to him during the creative process.

"His voice became the final piece of a yearlong puzzle," the director told GQ. "His insights into the musical and narrative mechanism [composer] Ludwig Göransson and I were building were immediate, insightful, and profound." At the time the interview was conducted, the track in question remained nameless.

Travis also shared the cover art and title for the track shortly after his GQ interview was published. "The Plan" will be out on Friday, August 21. You can also listen to snippet of the song below. 


Music from #Tenet, a film by Christopher Nolan. Out Friday.

"The way that he connects with art is not in a singular form," Ludwig Göransson, who worked on the music for the film, said of Scott, per Deadline. "He has so many tentacles, and they’re all electric. So when we talk about feeling, [whether that’s] listening to a song or talking about a movie, he can visualize things in so many different fields. So it’s a very special ability. It’s like his own magic power."

As for new music he's been working on during the COVID-19 era, Scott did indeed offer some insight regarding what will be his first new solo full-length since the gargantuan Astroworld, as well as more to come with his recent "The Scotts" collaborator Kid Cudi.


On what's next, Scott said he's "learned so much" since Astroworld

"I think with this next project I'm just embodying all of the knowledge I've taken in and trying to make the best form of it," he said.

And toward the end of the interview, Kennedy is treated to a new Cudi-featuring song described here as "the craziest thing" heard during the writer's time with La Flame. Scott doesn't offer much details on what he and Cudi have in the cards, other than to vow that "some fireness" is on the way and to confirm that they have indeed been working on a joint album from which multiple songs are already in the bag.

Scott also expresses support for this year's protests against police brutality and social injustice, noting that "times are weird for people" at the moment, a fact that's kept him motivated "on all levels" moving forward. 

"We've been through this for how many years?" he said. "It's a fight that we've been fighting for, and it seems no one wants to give us this result we've been looking for—for years—and our voices need to be heard."

The full feature also sees Scott briefly addressing the latest developments in the world of his "big bro" Kanye West.

"Everyone’s entitled to their own [opinion]," Scott said. "I just tell him how I feel. How people feel about this shit."

For more, head to GQ.

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