Haitian-American singer TeaMarrr impressed with her EP Before I Spill Myself earlier this year, and now she's back with a Wale collab.

Entitled "Colors," the new track sees the duo tackle racial injustice head-on. Effortlessly switching between hip-hop, pop, and R&B on the passionate track, the two make for a compelling pair. "I'm just a color/Karen let me be," TeaMarrr sings on the track. During Wale's verse, he focuses his attention on police brutality, rapping, "The Black hate the blue because the blue shoot whatever/Which mostly is the Blacks because the blue acting yellow."

"I want people to heal themselves with my sound," TeaMarrr said of her music upon the release of Before I Spill Myself. "I hope they walk away thinking, ‘TeaMarrr is my new musical pharmacist.’ My catalog will heal whatever mood you’re in; if you’re in a lovey-dovey vibe put on ‘Kinda Love.’ If you’re angry at your ex and don’t understand why he couldn’t have done the one thing you asked him to, I definitely have a song for that too. Think of me as the sonic doctor prescribing music as medicine to help you heal." 

Catch a first listen of "Colors" above and grab the song here.