The unique joy of stumbling across a top-tier reaction video has taken on a new importance in the COVID-19 era. With virus containment measures understandably but heartbreakingly making shared human experiences like live music largely an impossibility for now, it's hard not to be comforted by, say, footage of two dudes being introduced to Phil Collins' 1981 megaclassic "In the Air Tonight."

A clip from the TwinsthenewTrend YouTube channel's recently shared Collins reaction video was making the rounds on Twitter early Friday, with particular emphasis placed on the hosts' understandably enthusiastic response to hearing the track's notoriously brilliant drum fill, which famously occurs uniquely late into the track's running time:

The full reaction video, available at the top of this page, also sees the hosts providing additional commentary on Collins' Miami Vice-boosted hit ranging from noting its WWE entrance music feel and the immediacy of the Face Value album art.

In the years since its original release, the track has continued to transcend generations. For example, the track appeared during a certain Mike Tyson cameo sequence in The Hangover back in 2009 and was used by Meek Mill on his Championships cut "Intro" in 2018. Also, an urban legend that has long plagued the track's lyrical content—one which has been shot down by a frustrated Collins himself—is mentioned in Eminem's "Stan."

In short, the song fucking ruled then and it still fucking rules now. And with the help of the TwinsthenewTrend channel, celebrating that has become a mandatory task this weekend: