Like many artists, Megan Thee Stallion is using her platform to decry racial injustices and police brutality.

The Houston rapper took the stage on Saturday for a virtual concert presented by Live Nation—marking her first show since the "Savage" remix dominated the charts. Though she performed without an in-person audience, the event delivered all the energy one would expect from a Megan concert, as she rapped—and twerked—through some of her fan-favorite tracks.

But make no mistake, Megan wasn't looking to provide a distraction from all the civil unrest facing the country. During the virtual concert, the rapper took some to honor Black victims of police brutality. After a black backdrop that said "this shit is exhausting," the screen displayed names like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, and Jacob Blake, all of whom were either killed or seriously injured during police-involved incidents. Each of the names included a brief description of the incidents as well as the dates. The tribute concluded with the following question: "Why is it so hard being Black in America?"

In the months since Floyd's police killing, people across the world have continued to protest against police violence and the racial biases within law enforcement. Megan described the current protests as "part two of the Civil Rights movement" and reassured her fans she will never hesitate to speak out on issues she believes in.

"Sometimes being a public figure, you don’t wanna say the wrong thing because you don’t want to be insensitive to people or get too opinionated," she told NME back in July. "But I will always say what I feel. I don’t speak on things that I don’t know about, and I won’t speak on things I don’t believe in."