Lil Wayne has been on rap attack since Cash Money let him off the leash. Now, it looks like Weezy is ready to revive his patented mixtape grind by adding to a legendary series. 

During a recent appearance on UFC Live on ABC, Lil Wayne told ESPN's Michael Eaves about the projects that are on deck. The rapper assured fans that Tha Carter VI will come without a delay, but first, he wants to give them a special treat.

"Carter VI coming soon," Wayne said. "But, I got No Ceilings coming first. No Ceilings 3."

Lil Wayne built the core fan base that carries him today by blessing them with free music via mixtapes. While this is a solid game plan for most rappers working to build a buzz, Lil Wayne never stopped feeding his fans free music even when he was at the peak of his career. The best example of this would be Weezy's first No Ceilings mixtape. 

In October 2009, there wasn't a rapper on Beyoncé's green Earth that was hotter than Lil Wayne. Weezy scorched the music with his Grammy-winning album Tha Carter III after prepping the fire with an onslaught of mixtapes and features. While most entertainers would rest on this success, Wayne was ready to ascend to his rightful place as rap's rock star. But before he put his attention into Rebirth, Weezy returned to hip-hop's roots by releasing a mixtape that's the zenith of "jacking for beats" in No Ceilings

For 20 songs, Wayne ripped through the instrumental of every hot rap song (or R&B record). Tunechi even gave fans an original record for the 21st song, "Single," which went on to become one of his signature hits. It's safe to say that No Ceilings was a success and that junior high basketball warm-up tapes haven't been the same since. Wayne followed this with the very popular sequel, No Ceilings 2, and he's now shooting for a three-peat. 

Along with announcing No Ceilings 3 and Tha Carter VI, Weezy claimed that he and 2 Chainz will be dropping Collegrove 2 in the near future also. This follows the release of Chainz's single, "Money Maker," which featured Wayne.