DaBaby continues to build towards his Blame It On Baby (Deluxe) album with the release of his latest single, "PEEPHOLE.

He accompanied the release with a music video, in which he gives fans a look at the inner-workings of Billion Dollar Baby Ent. by using the behind-the-scenes process of a photoshoot as the video's setting.

Similar to the video, the lyrics for "PEEPHOLE" also peel back some of DaBaby's layers. Instead of relying on the signature flow that built his fan base, DaBaby decided to take a more melodic approach to the song. He also shows some vulnerability by touching on his love life. 

"Baby he don't wanna be a player no more/I was looking out the peephole with it... It's safe to say that I'm a hoe/I'm out the game I ain't a player no more," DaBaby raps on the chorus before opening up his flow on the verse. 

"I'll always be a pimp and not a player, I get it/I'm wiping all the bitches off my radar, no kizzy/I'm always on the charge like Drizzy, fadeaway I get you shot like Nowitzki," he raps. "I can't wait to do the show when I'm in Dallas/We be eating healthy on a low she made a salad." 

Along with allowing fans to see some of his emotions, DaBaby also alludes to some of the social problems that have plagued the country and how they are impacting his mental space. 

"Fuck the police/You yelling with a gun out, how the fuck we gone think?" he spits. "If you take my daughter daddy how the fuck she gone eat?"

Watch DaBaby's video for his new single, "PEEPHOLE," above.