Prison can't stop 03 Greedo from feeding the streets. The Grape Street general has returned with his new project Load It Up Vol. 01 with Ron-Rontheproducer. 

The project was released on Friday and is compiled of songs created by Greedo and Ron-Rontheproducer prior to 03's lengthy prison sentence was handed down in 2018. Like his previous tapes, Load It Up Vol. 01 welcomes listeners into Greedo's wonderfully warped world. It's also a return to the sound that helped build the foundation of 03's career. 

"This album is some real Greedo music, it gets back to what I was doing when I was coming up," Greedo described. "I call it Creep Music. Creep music is the grimy sound of Watts. It's music for the people in the streets trooping, doing drugs, and tripping. I hope this tape helps people appreciate what Ron-Ron does as a producer. Nobody else can make creep music like he does and when we get together we shut it down. I've experimented with a lot of styles since my early days in Watts, but I've improved so much. This album is like a more polished version of the music I made when I was first starting out."

Along with showing fans their roots, 03 Greedo and Ron-Rontheproducer decided to open up their doors to acts that help accent the tape. Chief Keef appears on the project's single "Bands in da Basement," while Shordie Shordie, Wallie the Sensei, Key Glock, and more also show up. 

Listen to 03 Greedo and Ron-Rontheproducer's Load It Up Vol. 01 on Apple Music or below via Spotify: