Back in May, the Weeknd tapped Doja Cat for a remix of After Hours highlight "In Your Eyes," and now the pair have delivered a colorful animated video.

Directed by Jeron Braxton, the vibrant visual follows the Weeknd as he drives through a futuristic cityscape filled with flashing lights and neon signs. With a low-poly, vintage aesthetic that recalls early CGI, the video taps into both the feel of the album and the potency of the remix itself. Doja Cat also makes an animated appearance by the time her verse rolls around, with the visuals getting increasingly surreal.

In recent weeks, the Weeknd has dedicated a lot of effort toward coronavirus relief and organizations fighting for racial equality. Near the start of June, he encouraged people "with big pockets" to donate to organizations amid nationwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism. So far he's publicly donated over $1 million, and he's also encouraged his fans to donate "even if it's a small amount."

The Doja Cat remix is just one of a few new versions of After Hours tracks the Weeknd has shared following the record's release. Lil Uzi Vert, Chromatics, and Oneohtrix Point Never among others have also offered their take on some of the album's finest moments.

Watch the animated video for the "In Your Eyes" remix above.