Brooklyn rapper Sleepy Hallow has just returned to the fray with his latest EP The Black House with assists from longtime collaborator and close friend Sheff G as well as fellow Brooklynite Jay Gwuapo. The five-track project comes out of Hallow and Sheff G's label Winners Circle Entertainment/Empire.

Brooklyn is breathing on this EP, with Hallow struggling to maneuver through his new luxurious lifestyle while still grappling with the paranoia that money often brings. He and Sheff G glide on "Don't Panic 2," a sequel to the original standout track off Hallow's album Sleepy for President that dropped last month. With a brief 11-minute runtime, The Black House does exactly what it needs to do without dragging it. The EP appropriately closes with "Quarantine Boo" to full encapsulate the times we're living in. 

Prior to this, Sleepy Hallow was featured on Sheff G's very New York-centric EP Just 4 Y'all that dropped a few weeks ago. When talking with Complex, Sheff explained how he believes the rap game has always been dominated by competition, and why now is the time for rappers to work together the way he and Hallow have been.

"I feel like the game is real hot and it’s time for the real competition,” he said. “It’s time for everybody to play the game, because this is where everybody’s talent is about to be tested. I’m ready, Sleepy’s ready. We’re ready."

You can listen to Sleepy Hallow's new EP The Black House down below or on Apple Music.


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