Shordie Shordie continues to heat up by adding fuel to the fire.

If your first introduction to the Baltimore native was his breakout hit, "Bitchuary (Betchua)," "Save a Little" is the antithesis of the platinum-selling single. Instead of bouncing over a high energy beat with lyrics that shy away from relationships, Shordie Shordie shows a more sentimental side for "Save a Little."

"Roll with me/Riding down the highway smoking OG," Shordie croons. "Never got to pay her but you owe me/So can you wait a minute, I been getting to this business/Save a little time and post it." 

The video matches the feel of the record as Shordie rides through a back highway in a custom, drop-top Chevy. Riding with him are two women who are also filming the experience through handheld cameras. This provides the muse for the video's treatment as it looks like it was tastefully recorded on a camera with low resolution. 

The track appears on Shordie Shordie’s >Music mixtape which dropped earlier this year. >Music is highlighted by tracks like "Save a Little," "Fucc Friends," and "FDP."

Watch Shordie Shordie’s latest video, "Save a Little," above.