Stockport-raised Shango SK unquestionably wears the influence of his home turf on his sleeve, particularly those of nearby Manchester. His debut single "Innocent", a slickly-created affair that he produced himself, owes as much to indie as it does R&B — the former makes itself heard in the twinkling guitar melodies while the latter shines through in his use of smooth, glossy electronics — a fresh concoction we haven't quite heard before.

His inspirations don't stop there though, he also cites alternative rock and hip-hop as key factors that helped shape his sound, but the key element that ties it all together is emotionally charged songwriting, whatever the sound. However, "Innocent" is by no means melancholic. In fact, it's an entirely positive and inspirational song that details his self-empowerment and drive for success, casting aside negativity and naysayers as he makes his way to the top of the game.

Directed by Christopher Gribbin and filmed by Jack Gibson, the visuals place Shango at the beginning of his journey, surveying the nighttime cityscape and laying out his plans for success. Tying it back to his roots, we also get carefree shots of him and his friends in the park, showing us how far he's already come.