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Hackney-based producer Raz Olsher and Ghanaian musician Afla Sackey stirred up a lot of chatter earlier this year when they came together to fuse disco, funk and Afro house as Raz & Afla on "No Touch" and now they're back to repeat (and even surpass) that success with their new single "Secrets & Lies".

Although an uplifting break-up anthem on the face of it, the pair decided to go a little deeper for the visuals, calling on fashion photographer Joel Cameron Bailey to put the track in a different context. The end result is a bold and stylish treatment with its own bittersweet story, a celebration of Blackness in the face of daily micro-aggressions.

Speaking with Complex via email, director Joel Cameron Bailey explained: "This is a track that I immediately fell in love with. I wanted to create a piece that captured the song's vibrant spirit, whilst offering a nuanced message about the struggle of black people in this country. We must keep pushing ourselves to think deeper about these issues, and this video works to do just that."