With the release of their new album, Mellow Fantasy, in sight, Canadian hip-hop duo Potatohead People — aka Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical — have pulled off a dream collaboration of rap royalty. "What It Feels Like" unites Slum Village legend T3 with Illa J (brother of the late, great J Dilla) and his partner in crime Kapok.   

Taking influence from jazz, soul and classic boom bap, "What It Feels Like" neatly weaves together the various sounds perfected by the three seasoned MCs. Naturally, the track is filled with hip-hop heritage, but this is far from a throwback. Instead the Vancouver duo and their cohorts have created a timeless hip-hop classic purpose built for hazy summer evenings.   

"What It Feels Like" officially lands tomorrow, July 10, via Bastard Jazz, followed by the album on October 23.   

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