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After setting the world alight with "Gangsta" last year, Darkoo may well have another hit on her hands as she presents another silky smooth Afrobeats bubbler. "Kryptonite (Tough Times Never Last)" picks up the relaxed party vibe that made "Gangsta" such a hit and doubles it with a laid-back saxophone melody that should surely guarantee this to be a summer smash.  

The Kaylum Dennis-directed video follows Darkoo as she clocks off after a tough day at work before heading to the function to pop some bottles and kick back with her friends. More than that, "Kryptonite" is also about unburdoninig yourself off the pressures of social media and not worrying about what others think. With its gently bumping rhythms and carefree energy, "Kryptonite" is the perfect soundtrack for letting go and enjoying life to the fullest. 

Explaining the meaning behind the video, Darkoo told us: "In the eyes of social media, you could say we all take on this ultimate superpower of showing the world only what we want them to see. I want to encourage everyone to be themselves and be comfortable in their own skin with no limits. Be your own 'Kryptonite'; strip yourself of the facade. In the video you see me dressing up in a glam look, but I'm also very comfortable with shaven hair, ice and casual clothes. I'm living the best of both worlds. I'm a 2-in-1, baby!" 

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