Logic has seen plenty of accolades and accompliments over his decade-long career, securing No. 1 records, Grammy nominations, and over a dozen platinum certifications. But despite his critical and commercial success, the Maryland rapper has polarized the hip-hop world, with some describing him as "corny" and "one of the worst rappers" ever.

"Those are the people that made me feel bad about myself," Logic said during a recent interview with Billboard. "Those are the people that made me wanna kill myself at times. Those are the people who made me depressed and told me I’m not good enough, I’ll never be good enough, you don’t belong because I’m a white passing corny [rapper] because I like sci-fi and all this other kind of shit, but that’s who I am."

Though critics got to him at certain points in his career, Logic suggested he got a sense of validation from artists he admired. RZA, Killer Mike, the Wu-Tang Clan, and Will Smith are just some of the acts who have co-signed his work.

"To be able to have a queen like Erykah Badu on speed dial and she shows me love is like I can’t fucking believe that," he continued. "I can’t fathom that. She’s just the epitome of music, soul and hip-hop. When you people like that, like real spitters and real MCs showing you love, it don’t matter what the writer or what the editor says because that writer wishes they can fucking rap. But I understand that and I know that. That’s why I just shut the fuck up."

The interview was published just hours after Logic released No Pressurehis seventh and final studio album. The artist announced the release on social media last week, and confirmed it would mark the beginning long-teased retirement. Logic told fans he wanted to focus more on his family, and insisted his love for music was still strong.

"I just wanted to retire because I’m over it man. Not even in a negative way, I’m just over it," he explained to Billboard. "... I love music and I’m gonna continue to make music on my own. I can’t not just make music. It’s a journal for me. It’s how I express myself. It’s how I heal, but with Logic, I’m stepping away. And the thing is too, I’m not trying to make it this big show like, ‘Oh my God’ because it’s not that deep. You either believe me or you don’t man. I don’t give a shit. I’m over here doing my thing."

You can check out Logic's full Billboard interview here.