Rising St. Louis artist King B has dropped his debut project HeartBreak Hotel, and to accompany its release he's sharing a video for "When They Need You," premiering above.

Directed by Corentin Leroux, the surreal visual features a throwback aesthetic that sees King B make a deal with the devil. In exchange for money and a flashy new car, he signs his life away to eternal damnation. It's to the point, but it also has a lot of fun with its premise, showing that King B is happy to let his videos stand out.

As for his new record HeartBreak Hotel, the 21-year-old rapper and singer showcases the breadth of his versatility across 12 tracks ranging from melodic to blunt and direct. The album demonstrates there's a lot more to King B than "When They Need You." Toying with multiple regional styles while also tapping into his roots in gospel as a grandson of a pastor, the record clearly highlights why King B stands out.

Watch the video for "When They Need You" and listen to HeartBreak Hotel above.