On Sunday evening, Kanye West previewed a song titled "DONDA," which starts with his late mother reciting KRS-One lyrics from "Sound of da Police" before he cuts in just after the 1:30 mark. For context, the song/tweet comes on what would have been Donda West's 71st birthday. 

Have a listen and watch the accompanying video below:

Earlier in the day, Kim Kardashian West had sent out a just-under-a-minute-long clip to her followers showing Kanye and his mother rapping in tandem to "Hey Mama." Part of that footage can be seen in the edited together clips tweeted out by Kanye above. But you can also watch a longer version with the original audio here:

On Mother's Day 2019, Kanye performed "Hey Mama" for a Sunday Service performance.

In 2007, at the age of 58, Donda West died following post-surgery complications.