Tory Lanez continues to impact those around him by making sure 100 Black families had a great Father's Day

For Father's Day, Lanez partnered with leading criminal justice reform program Dream Corps #cut50, Amazon Music, and DoorDash to help 100 recently released Black fathers celebrate the holiday with their families. To do this, Lanez and his partners provided the families with "contactless delivery" dinners via DoorDash as well as an assortment of gifts. This includes a gift from Amazon Music on behalf of the father's children. 

Dream Corps #cut50 helped Tory's Dream City Fund locate 100 Black fathers who could benefit from this initiative. These men are part of #cut50’s Empathy Network which is described as a "national coalition of leaders committed to sharing their stories of involvement with the justice system and working to contribute to their communities." The men have been focused on rebuilding their lives since being released from prison during the pandemic. To show his dedication to the cause, Lanez penned an open letter that touched on the struggles these men face as Black fathers in America. 

"I know as a Black father raising Black children in this world, things aren’t easy. We live in a country that has a broken system. You’re finally free to be with your loved ones… but I know that in many ways you still feel like you are not free," Tory wrote. "Your record will present you from certain jobs, or form voting, or from getting a small business loan.. There are some states where you’re even banned from having life insurance. You’re treated like you’re not a part of society… but I needed to tell you that’s bullshit!!"

Lanez went on to explain how he's doing everything in his power to help improve the lives of Black people in a country that helped make him a star. 

"I’m a Canadian. I can’t vote here," he continued. "But I’m doing the best I can with my platform to make an impact. I have a record, I am not perfect, but I can contribute to the lives of the people around me, most importantly by being a father to my son. ... You are important! You & your family are worthy of celebration. I wanted to tell you that I have hope for you & for what you will do—to make your community and city a better place."

Read Tory Lanez's entire open letter below.