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For the past year and a bit, Parisian electro pop duo SACRE, aka Hawaii and Sukii, have been soundtracking the escalating hedonism and debauchery of a typical night out with the pair, beginning with "07:00PM Vahine" in February 2019 and continuing with a new track for every subsequent hour. Today marks the arrival of the latest addition, "05:00AM Jungle Chase", and we can only imagine what state they're in after 10 hours.

While some of us might be suffering at that time of the morning, SACRE, however, seem to have no such worries, kicking the beat into overdrive and ramping things up with an intense, ravey synth line to drive the party forward. As the night reaches its crescendo, so too does the sexual tension of two people meeting on the dancefloor, played out in a steamy back-and-forth between Hawaii and Sukii's vocals over an intense synth line and a relentless 4x4 beat.

"05:00AM Jungle Chase" is taken from the pair's upcoming album Love Revolution (due July 10 via Palmtree Hotel), itself part of a multimedia project that involves music, photography and storytelling.