Just last month, Manchester-born, London-based producer Model 86 released his new EP Is Model 86 Dreaming Of Being and now he's back with the visuals for project highlight "I Don't Wanna Go", a futuristic club offering with a manic energy about it that calls to mind everything from Jamie xx to SOPHIE. 

Matching the abstract feel of the production, the accompanying visuals pair the looped vocal sample, looming bass line and chrome-covered synths with a somewhat unusual concept. As the producer himself explains below, the visuals take inspiration from the works of visionary composers John Cage and Karl Stackhausen, both of whom are renowned for their inspired and often challenging approaches to music and music theory.

"The main inspiration for the video was the graphic scores of John Cage and Stackhausen," he explains. "We wanted to create something that used the audio reactive idea but in a very graphic, simple and engaging way staying away from the usual audio reactive tropes. The limitations of P5Js made for some interesting problems and solutions to the system but a major upside is we can run the whole thing in a web browser allowing us to give controls to the listener and play with the parameters."