If you're somehow unfamiliar, 2008's "Back Of My T" by Birmingham producer A Dot R and MC Dopestalla was an anthem in the bassline/4x4 scene thanks to its marching low-end rhythm and unforgettable hook. Remixes throughout the years have kept it a favourite among ravers, doubly so for those in the Northern and Midlands who've made sure the scene stayed thriving through thick and thin. Now A Dot R is back with a remix of his own and he's summoned the inimitable talents of fellow Brummie Trilla to add his own boundless energy to the mix.

Right out the gates, this new remix kicks off with the utmost power, but when Trilla steps in it's a whole different level. Despite the club's being closed for the foreseeable future, bassline has had a storming year with the scene's top selectors jumping on Instagram Live to keep us moving while the producers have kept us fully stocked with some unbelievable releases—many of which feature Trilla, funnily enough.

Stream "Back Of My T 2020" exclusively below before it hits shelves on June 4.