Acclaimed DJ MICK is using his platform to unite the DJ community and rally against police brutality

MICK announced the #Mix4Change initiative on Sunday. He provided further details on how to get involved on Monday. In the post, MICK encouraged DJs to create a one-hour set that can be played on Instagram Live. He is also helping introduce the IG Donate button. Through this button he wants DJs to choose a non-profit dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement. Viewers can then donate directly to the cause while watching their favorite DJ perform.

"My fave group of all time - De La Soul - had a poignant lyric in 1996 that is even more relevant today. 'A skin not considered equal / A meteor has more right than my people.' - Stakes Is High," MICK captioned his post. "Hip-hop has always had the power to unite, educate and motivate. Today, I call upon my fellow deejays to continue the fight against police brutality and racial injustice." 

He went on to explain the IG Donate feature. "Fam, the IG Live Donate function is a hidden jewel for fundraising. It makes it so quick and easy. We did two fundraisers last week on IG Live and quickly raised over $4000 dollars. Imagine what we could do as a unified DJ community!"

In a statement to Complex, MICK said, "I've heard so many people say DJs have been heroes during this fucked up 2020. And obviously, no one is ever comparing a DJ to a first responder or a doctor, but yes it's true—music heals the soul. For this week, though—due to the current social climate of our country—I want to use our combined power to help people with more than good vibes. Let's help make change.

"Many of my DJ peers have committed to do sets. DJ Irie, Crespo (Jaden Smith’s DJ), Nina Sky, my homies Steph Floss and DJ Meel (who do all of LeBron's things), and many more. It's very exciting to see the level of commitment after only announcing this a few hours ago.

"The real impact here is what literally every DJ has the power to do by literally pressing one button. Like yes, Diplo could raise a zillion dollars in an hour. Maybe he will read this and join up. I'm sure he reads Complex… haha. But the power of the DJ community as a whole can really swing this. Think about this: If only 10 DJs from every state DJ contribute an hour set, and only raise $200 (which is super low!), we instantly raise 100K for the social causes who really need it. All by pressing a button that says donate."

The #Mix4Change campaign will begin on Monday (June 8) and last until Sunday (June 14). MICK is going live with his set on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET.