The new video for Jayy Grams and Smoke DZA's "Smok'n Grams" was designed, in the words of Jayy, to serve as a "visual representation of the ass-whooping" the two are about to bring fans in 2020 with their upcoming project.

"[Smoke DZA] is definitely a mentor to me in this game," Jayy Grams told Complex of their recent work together. "He's my cheat code. Everything just comes authentically when I work with bro."

DZA echoed this assessment of the foundation of their creative relationship, adding that 21-year-old Grams has an eye toward progression that’s hard to find among many artists.

"I think Jayy Grams is a gem," DZA told Complex. "He's a special talent and he's not even 21 yet. I'm happy to be able to assist in his progression; executive producing his next project was fun because the kid can rap. In real life."

Grams' 2020 has already been stacked with an escalating run of accomplishments, including bagging mentions across a number of publications including NPR and Fader.

Speaking on his early influences as a child, Grams detailed a diverse grab bag of touchstones ranging from classic hip-hop records to Duran Duran.

"My mom always played music around the house growing up, just a bunch of different shit," he said.

Look for more from Jayy Grams and Smoke DZA soon. For now, catch the premiere of "Smok'n Grams" up top and stream Every Gram Counts below.