After a one-week hiatus, the Ultimate Madness tournament is set to kick back in high gear this weekend exclusively on Caffeine. Spread across two weeks, round one of the Ultimate Rap League’s (URL) battle rap series delivered raw, gritty lyricism from some of the fiercest MCs on the scene. 

Week one brought the East Coast and Third Coast together as New York’s Lu Castro and South Carolina’s Kid Chaos went bar-for-bar, resulting in some of the night’s memorable moments. Your Honor also held it down on the mic for D.C., while Real Sikh and Jey the Nitewing repped for their home states of New Jersey and Washington, respectively, in what fans called the battle of the night. The judges were split, and called on the fans for the final decision which narrowly gave the win to Jey the Nitewing. When the dust settled, Your Honor, Lu Castro, Ru Bando and Jey the Nitewing emerged victorious and advanced to the next round.   

Week two didn’t disappoint either as Ace Amin took on Bad Newz in a close battle. That was followed by an intense  face-off between Big Hann and Brooklyn Hanz that delivered two of the week’s top five moments. Fonz also turned up for the Buckeye State, coming out as an early favorite to take the title, while Eazy the Block Captain showed out for Philly. In the end Ace Amin, Brooklyn Hanz, Fonz, and Eazy the Block Captain each walked away with the win in their respective battles.

Now that round one is in the record books, the stage is set for an even more exciting series of battles. Round two of Ultimate Madness kicks off tomorrow (June 13) at 4 pm EST with a dope lineup that will separate the men from the boys. This weekend’s matchups include:

  • Your Honor vs. Ru Bando
  • Jey the Nitewing vs. Lu Castro
  • Fonz vs. Easy the Block Captain
  • Brooklyn Hanz vs. Ace Amin

The final two MCs will get one last chance to show us what they got when they compete for the Ultimate Madness title and the $25,000 grand prize at URL’s NOME X on July 11. Headlined by battle rap’s most talked about battle of the year, Tsu Surf vs. Loaded Lux and the return of Daylyt, NOME X is shaping up to be one for the record books. Tune in to the action each week by downloading Caffeine for free now.