America is at a boiling point, and many are looking toward their favorite artists to help make sense of this new reality. Although he's a proud Torontonian, Tory Lanez offered a clear assessment of the uprisings. 

On Sunday, Lanez took to Twitter where he made it clear that he won't be the latest celebrity to condemn protesters for looting and destroying property.

"When my rich celeb friends in they house and on the gram like 'stop looting u fucking up our business ' ... Y’all can miss me with that shit," Lanez tweeted. "y’all niggas is rich ! Y’all not feeling the pain of these people out there that done lost they job and are deeply affected by this ."

Lanez went on to explain that these corporations and storefronts have insurance policies to cover the damages that the protesters cause. What can't be replaced, however, is the life of George Floyd and Lanez explained that people shouldn't be demonized for how they respond. 

"Niggas wanna cry about protecting these businesses of these huge brands and [corporations] from looting .... AS IF THESE STORES DONT GOT INSURANCE TO GET ALL THAT SHIT BACK !!!!" he continued. "don’t condone looting . But the people gone do what they feel is right . Period . #JusticeOrNoPeace."

Since the demonstrations began, several celebrities and companies have put out statements and made comments that question the motives of the protesters. In response, Lanez urges his peers to either stand beside the protesters or "FUCK OUTTA HERE."

"And to any of my black peers in this entertainment industry .... if your opinion on this matter at hand is ANYTHING along the lines of ' we need to blame ourselves ... and it’s not the cops fault ' or 'u gotta look at both sides,'" he wrote. "personally from me to u ... FUCK OUTTA HERE."