The-Dream Gets Criticized for Asking Protesters to Stop Destroying Property in Atlanta

The-Dream recently shared a message on social media pleading with those looting in Atlanta to stop destroying the businesses he and his family made.

the dream

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the dream

The murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police has sparked protests across the nation. While all of these protests begin peacefully, some have grown violent and chaotic as time has progressed.

This has been seen in several cities including Atlanta, where people have been seen breaking into malls and businesses, burning others to the ground. The-Dream recently took to Twitter on Saturday night to address the damage he has seen being done to his city, and his thoughts on it.

"Dear People, IF YOU ARE NOT FROM ATLANTA, DONT COME HERE AND PLEASE GO HOME," his first tweet began. His first in a series of tweets would continue saying that he other black people own property in the city, and that destroying it would be setting back decades of work.

These comments are (somewhat) similar to the sentiments already shared by fellow Atlanta artist T.I. and Killer Mike, who both have voiced how the citizens of Atlanta need to protect the city rather than burn down.

Others responded to this tweet arguing that while buildings and inanimate objects can be rebuilt and restored, black lives cannot, and that The-Dream is already wealthy so he should be worrying about more pressing matters.

The-Dream would continue in a series of tweets talking about how hard it is to start a business while black, and to pleaded for people to stop burning them down.

The-Dream responded to some of his followers directly, trying to defend his original tweet.

Maybe the best way to get through to the people would be by joining them on the front lines, rather than tweeting at them.

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