T-Pain has definitively declared that he isn’t a rapper, though it's unclear what led to his comments on the subject.

The singer quickly ranted on Twitter, writing, “I. AM. NOT. A. RAPPER!!!!”

He continued, “Do ppl legit think I’m Sprung, Stripper, Buy u a drank, bartender, etc. are RAP songs?! Some of them even hav a rapper ON em!!! Do y’all think my verses on byad were rap verses? Do y’all for real think that’s me trying to rap? Have you heard rap? CHRIST!”

Bryson Tiller knew exactly where T-Pain was coming from, responding, “We both deal with this bro. we’re just inspired by Rap music (as we should be because what’s life without Rap music) but at the Core it’s R&B!!” Tiller then referenced T-Pain’s 2005 debut studio album, “Rapper Turnt Sanga! Sanga Turnt Rapper! Perspective.”

Last month, T-Pain floated the idea of planning a post-pandemic Crunkchella Tour with Lil Jon after the two faced off in a Verzuz battle in April. “What we’ve been talking about is taking that playlist from the battle and trying to apply it to a tour," T-Pain told Variety.