It's been nearly three years since SZA released her debut studio album Ctrl, and while it's unclear when her follow-up project will be coming out, we could be getting a batch of music very soon.

On Monday, the "Love Galore" singer asked her followers on Twitter about the concept of dropping a bunch of unreleased tracks through what she's calling a "music dump."

"So like a music dump .. similar to a photo dump but not an album .. this concept make sense to anyone?," she asked. "Has anyone ever done it? Asking for me." 

SZA envisions this project consisting of about 20 original songs that were recorded over the last six years. 

Ironically, in a 2018 interview with FADER, SZA admitted that Ctrl came about in a similar fashion, devoid of any thematic through line or mapped out approach. "I just made a gang of songs over the course of four years. Heard 'em all together and I was like, 'Huh, alright,'" she said. What could separate this new collection of music from Ctrl and that long-awaited second studio album is that SZA may have songs that couldn't find a home on either project, and are now just sitting on the shelf, so to speak. After all, she said these tracks span the last six years which also means prior to the release of her debut effort. 

SZA also appears to be welcoming suggestions from her fans about including the full-length version of songs that we have only heard snippets of in the past. 

She's also trying to do something for charity in the process.  

And while we're talking about SZA, we can probably end any hopes of a deluxe edition of Ctrl seeing the light of day after she poetically ended that conversation.

For the time being, we're just going to have to be happy with the 14 tracks off Ctrl, one of which has been given a new life, thanks to Hayley Williams, who recently performed an acoustic version of "Drew Barrymore" on Instagram.