We may not be able to blast this one in clubs just yet, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be ready with our summer playlists. Next month, Moveltraxx will put out the 14th edition of their renowned Street Bangers Factory series and today sees the release of the comp's lead single, "Ass On A G String" from elusive UK producer Stink Floyd and Jersey Club legend DJ Jayhood

Tying together all the key elements of a solid gold Jersey Club anthem, Stink and Jayhood combine autotuned vocals, raucous ad libs and the hallmark jumpy drums and choppy edits that make that corner of the US such a goldmine for club music. This isn't Jayhood's first dalliance with the UK — last year his King Of BBM album featured a choppy, Jersey remix of T2's "Heartbroken" which found an under-mined crossover between bassline and East Coast club music that really needs to be explored more.

The rest of the collection promises contributions from Moveltraxx regulars Feadz and Amadeezy, Tokyo producer Guchon, Teklife dons DJ Earl and DJ Manny, and Philly heroes The Bul Bey and Emynd. Ahead of the June 5 release date, pre-order Street Bangers Factory 14 here.

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