At times like these a bit of good news can go a long way and thanks to Swedish indie newcomer Joakim 'lodet' Bjornberg we've got a bit of a boost to get us through the day. Having recently found out he's to become a father, he's just released his new single "Calling".

Produced by Spacebomb Records founder Matthew E White, "Calling" ties the good news together with moments from his own childhood. The song itself had been in the works for a few years as he worked out the melody and structure in his mind, but galvanised by his soon-to-be expanded family he felt a surge of creativity as well as a sense of wonder at the infinite possibilities his future had in store for him. Clearly an optimist, those possibilities have come out in a galloping psych rock explosion, filled with deep grooves and capped off with a euphoric vocal style.

Explaining the inspiration behind the track, Bjornberg told us: "'Calling' originated from a long studio jam in 2018 in Stockholm. The song is like a whistling call for someone. I had been working on it for years but with this latest recording it has taken on a new meaning. It is about my unborn child, and not knowing much of what the future holds. In the verse I sing about Luka, which was the only name my girlfriend and I could agree on. It was important to me to include that name in the text so that I would always remember that early feeling."

"Calling" is taken from lodet's upcoming EP Many Days, which is due later this year.

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