A portion of Jamaica's rising talent are succesfully drawing on a wide range of genres to create their own highly infectious, forward-thinking sound. Among them is Projexx—a musician who spent most of his years between Kingston, Jamaica and Brampton, Canada, a city just north of Toronto—who combines rap, trap, and dancehall for new single "We Nuh Leff It". 

Alongside fellow newbie Bakersteez, another artist from Jamaica whose music straddles various genres, the two recite their bravado-filled lyrics with their crew in tow in the Zimi Ent-directed visuals. "Music is meant to touch every corner of the earth," Projexx told Complex via email, "so when I make music—and specifically 'We Nuh Leff It'—it's designed to satisfy and invigorate every type of music fan."

Peep the "We Nuh Leff It" visuals exclusively above, and be sure to add the song to your playlists.