Joyce Wrice has returned with the release of her “That's on You” music video.

Due to the nationwide quarantine, the Los Angeles-based singer decided to create the visual in the intimacy of her own home. Using a tripod and FaceTime direction, she shot the video with the help of David Camarena, with direction by Yavez Anthonio.

"Creating this music video is a memory that I will forever treasure!” Wrice told Complex. “Due to our circumstances, I knew that I would be challenged creatively to execute my vision. However, after discussing with my friend and director, Yavez Anthonio, we determined to paint the story out to be as authentic and reflective to the times as possible. We got my friend David Camarena​​​​​​​, who is also a director, to help me shoot the video in my home, while Yavez directed us on FaceTime. We had a great time quarantine style and I’m so proud of the results. Hope you enjoy!"

Watch the video for “That’s on You” above.