Lil Baby and 42 Dugg teamed up to drop the video for their new single, "We Paid."

Like the title suggests, "We Paid" is filled with images of Dugg and Lil Baby flaunting their riches. In several scenes, Dugg can be seen walking with a stack of cash that his as long as his arm. They also both show off their various chains and watches as they rap to the camera. 

Not only do Dugg and Baby blend their styles on this record, but they also merge Atlanta and Detroit's car culture for the video. Dugg and Lil Baby weave through an Atlanta backstreet in their own black Hellcats. The rappers and their crew hang out the window while turning donuts in the whips and burning out. They also have a grey corvette that snakes its way through the Hellcats to make an appearance. Adding to the authenticity of this make-shift sideshow, the video even documents a minor crash. 

"We Paid" is featured on the deluxe version of Lil Baby's My Turn album. Watch the entire video above.