Gemma Fox, the one-time jungle MC and R&G vocalist in grime crew Aftershock, has had a hand in some truly historic moments in UK underground music (not counting her stint in the pop-R&B arena).

After a 10-year break, she returned in a big way by dropping an untouchable collection from her history with the Grime Vocals Archive retrospective and she hasn't stopped. Now, she's teaming up with Birmingham bassline producer Screama for her latest single, "Luv". Over the years, Fox has become known for lacing tough club sounds with sweet melodies, and "Luv" more than lives up to that reputation. Screama comes through with a heart-racing bassline rumble with a snappy 2-step beat behind it, while Fox puts the icing on the cake with a soaring rave vocal imbued with golden era energy. Then we've got the video which, like the song itself, is filled with fire and fury from start to finish.

Watch the "Luv" visuals above and be sure to add the song to your playlists.